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There is always something to discover in Lisbon ...

Beside the most amazing view points over Lisbon, Graça district had always workers characteristics and that’s why we can still find places from the beginning of XX century, where workers and owners lived and worked in the same area. Some of these places are full of memories which we can feel through the heritage and when we talk with people who still live there. And Vila Bertha is one of those places…
Going through Rua do Sol à Graça you will find Vila Bertha which is a residential area from the beginning of XX century. It is charming street and one of the few examples of industrial architecture of the time in Lisbon which was built to house workers.
Called Vila Bertha was built by Joaquim Francisco Tojal, architect and industrial, between 1902 and 1908 . Beautiful worker houses with geometric and flowers tiles, remembering “Art Nouveau” among green wrought iron balconies where flowers emerge in each window like little gardens.
A set of forms and volumes that stand out for their graciousness , and marked an epoch where small clusters of housing workers had an important role in social and economic development of the neighborhood. The name Bertha comes from Francisco Tojal’s daughter.

A Street full of charm hidden in the middle of Graça neighborhood that is worth to discover...
Villa Bertha's tiles

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