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The Palacete Chafariz D’El Rei is one of the sweetest Charming Hotels of Lisbon where the décor, comfort and services reflects the Portuguese hospitality.

In Alfama, in the oldest neighborhood facing the river and over Chafariz D’El Rei (the first fountain in Lisbon), stands a manor house in a Romantic style surrounded by bougainvillea and stained glass windows.
Due to an expertise restoration work all the environment was maintained like if we were living in the beginning of the XX century, but with the needs and comfort of the present days. The furniture, stained glass, ornamental plastering and the exquisite wood floor and doors, all kept the radiance of the past. It seems like a tangle of decorative influences ( Arabic, Art Nouveau , Empire , Renaissance ... ) that reflects well the personality of its eccentric creator and able to make the guests dream.

The manor house was built in the early century XX by a wealthy Portuguese northerner named João Silva . In Brazil he made a fortune and when he returned to Portugal bought the land above the Fountain and then lifted his residence. Perhaps because of so much eccentricity the building was known by the locals at the time as "Palhacete " (remembering a kind of clown).

A great place to start exploring Lisbon after a wonderful breakfast full of delicacies served in one of the Arabic style dining room with Tagus river in the background ...

As a suggestion, start exploring Lisbon through Alfama. Narrow streets, small squares and tiny stairways in a constant up and down, between clothes drying on the windows and tile panels scattered on the walls. Churches, traditional shops,  fado houses and spectacular viewpoints over the city merging with the coming and going of the locals.

And in the end of the day, enjoy the warmth of your spacious suite while you sip a tea with the eyes fixed on the poetic Tagus River and houses of Alfama .

This is for sure an inspiring place for those who enjoy the city in its finest details.
Phone: 351 218 886 150

Email: booking@chafarizdelrei.com

Adress: Tv. Chafariz del Rei, 6 / 1100-140 Lisboa                              



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