terça-feira, 3 de setembro de 2013



The pleasant evenings are an invitation to enjoy the perfumes, sounds and lights of Lisbon.

This is evidenced by the number of people who embrace with joy the historic places of the city. From Chiado to Santa Catarina district and Bairro Alto to Restauradores the animation is always a constant. Many establishments with outside seating and live entertainment facilities seem to multiply by the city.

Inhabitants and tourists coexist in harmony, enjoying the fabulous weather, monuments, gastronomy and hospitality of Lisbon . Everybody seems to enjoy the city of “thousand colors”.  

At sun set and when streetlamps turn on, the Portuguese capital turns a different aspect. The river by far seems to watch the hills, appearing and disappearing amongst the houses.
Cafés and Terraces are full of people, mostly savoring a drink while enjoying the bustling city and make time for dinner. In the past, Chiado was known as an intellectuals and writers place, today are youth musicians who animate Chiado area, with joyful songs.
Fernando Pessoa statue is always there, at Brasileira Café. It seems observing and enjoying the “street art” while dozens of people come to greet him .
Getting in Bairro da Bica we enter in a world that resembles a small village which descends steeply to the River full of winding streets and narrow staircases. Amid the shadows and lights of the evening, the houses might suggest through its windows, environments full of tenderness.

Some of these houses were transformed into small bars and restaurants, renewing life of other times. While we walk on the streets it’s possible to hear the sounds of Jazz and Blues from Bica’s bars.
Very close is the Santa Catarina View Point ( now renovated ) , with a gorgeous view over the Tagus River and where two beautiful terraces invite us to stay: Noobai and Pharmacia .

During the day Bairro Alto is very quiet, inviting people to see off and explore, but in the evening it turns into a live stage of art , where the sounds in its various styles , spills over into the streets and merges with the crowd .
Small terraces are along the main streets and Neons lights contrasts with the dark of the evening and acts as decoy for people who visit this quartier.

Arriving to Largo da Trindade we found Calçada do Duque which leads us to Largo da Estação do Rossio. Also a place full of open air terraces which serve as places to meet and socialize.

But it is Calçada do Duque the biggest surprise when it comes to animation. The name is due to the Duque de Cadaval, who had a palace nearby. The stairs were built to connect the upper town, considered the chic area, to the Low town, known as the bohemian place of Lisbon.


Today we find this artery renewed and full of joy and happiness. Besides a sweet perfume in the air coming from the bougainvillea which adorns the walls of the old Academic School, there are many restaurants and small bars which accompany the descent to the Largo da Estação do Rossio.

Back to Chiado to finish our route we decided to pass at Largo do Carmo. This is one of the most beautiful squares in Lisbon. Old jacarandas and a set of historical heritage make this place an icon in the art of open inviting esplanades.


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