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Walking is good for physical health but also spiritual. It allows you to enjoy natural landscape but also urban. Remembering or knowing new paths, new people, new environments. Walking is a way of traveling.


1 - Walking everyday will improve your appearance. A regular walking routine will help you to lengthen and tone your muscles. This will make you appear slimmer.

2. Walking regularly will support you in feeling good about yourself. Regular physical activity will increase the release of the hormones that make you feel happier and emotionally balanced. There is an incredible sense of accomplishment that accompanies doing something that’s good for you. Maybe ... even quit smoking. Who knows!

3. Walking everyday will increase your energy level.  The more you move, the more you feel like moving. On the contrary, if you insist to stay on the couch you will never want to leave. Right? Right!!!

4 - Walking everyday will improve your ability to cope with stress. It will help you relax and better manage the issues of the day.

5 - Walking everyday promotes weight loss.  You can burn between 200 and 400 calories per hour of walking. This can translate into approximately one pound of weight loss per week.

6. Walking regularly will increase your mental acuity. Research has shown that people who walk on daily basis think more clearly are better able to focus and concentrate. Have you noticed that when you do a long walk, ideas flow more easily? One issue that was even something complex, it is no longer so complicated. Seems you have found the solution. If you do not believe me, try it!

7 - Walking helps people to be more active and more attentive to the environment around. Have you thought about the things we lose (landscapes, buildings, new entertainment venues, the smiles of children ...)?

8. Walking everyday will help you become physically fit. It will improve your stamina and strengthen your muscles.

9. Walking everyday will help you stay healthy. It increases the efficiency of your heart and lungs. It also reduces your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and the risk of other illnesses such as heart attacks, diabetes and strokes.

10 - Walking is a way to socialize, sharing moments with friends, or even making new friends.

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