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It calls EMBAIXADA and it’s a mix of stores, architecture, tradition , history and art in Príncipe Real, the most trendy district in Lisbon.

This charming Department Store is located in one of the most exotic XIX century mansions named Palácio Ribeiro da Cunha. Seventeen stores surrounding an Arabic piazza live harmoniously with the Arabic influence of the building.

A beautiful wood staircase, flanked by romantic chandeliers leads us to an Arab courtyard, now transformed into a café/restaurant.

One Bar/Restaurant, beauty care, decoration, music and clothing is what you can find in Embaixada


It offers a selection of goods with a strong focus on Portuguese brands, innovative and attractive. However there are also some international brands, such as the famous PAEZ, with its very famous alpergatas ( addiction this summer ) and Moleskine .

The Arabic Piazza has a delicious terrace bar / restaurant "Le Jardin" with Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine. It is open from 12am to 2am. The remaining stores are open from 12am to 20pm .

The Palace was built in 1877 by a Portuguese Tabacco merchant who lived in Brasil, called Ribeiro da Cunha . So that’s why the palace has his name. Some sources say the building was a copy from a Manaus building (Brasil) at that time. But copy or not, the important thing, is the beauty outside and inside.  Some prominent families of Lisbon had lived here too, such as Lopo de Carvalho family. In the last years it was part of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, one of the most reputable universities in Lisbon.

It is a place to visit if you have the chance and where you can find some of the Portuguese creativity in different areas.

To whet your appetite here are the names of the stores you can find there:

Organii - Shop organic cosmetics, adult and baby
PAEZ – Argentina Shoes

O Da Joana - Women's fashion

Sal - Recycled elements of nature
Menina e Moça -  Silver Accessories

Linkstore - Men's accessories
Moleskine - Notebooks , laptops

Intemporal - Articles and Interior Decoration
VLA Records - A store of worship and national talent ( from music , paintings , filigree , and other things )

Amélie au Théatre  - Fashion, Image Consultancy
Le Jardin - Cafe, Bar and Restaurant

URZE - Fashion and Decor
Temporary Brand - Design . Fashion, Books , Arts , Lifestyle

Boa Safra – Interior Green Design  
Pavão - Fashion Design and Accessories

Storytailors - Fashion Design
Shoescloset – Shoes

                                                             Enjoy  your shopping!!

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