sábado, 22 de junho de 2013


Walking on the narrow streets of Alfama can be a funny adventure.  

It is a perfect place to play hide and seek. With so many corners that no one would find us. It is amazing!

Smell like washed laundry when we walk. Exactly as if it was a Portuguese village with its hanging laundry in the windows drying in the wind. And it's so good!

Brightly colored flowers proudly appear at the balconies of the white houses with its red roofs.
And secular blue tiles all over the places, remind an open museum.
The smells of traditional food, lead us to guess what it will be for lunch. And quickly we are remembering about our lunches and dinners in the countryside.
In Alfama time runs slower and the sounds are distinguished. It is possible to listen a flying seagull coming from Tagus River or the noise of clotheslines, or even the hitting of jumps on the sidewalk ... And everything merges in a perfect way as if it were a painting.

Near the churches young people join for a talk or to listen music, bringing joy to the squares. Tascas are the meeting point for the people of Alfama, and subjects of the day are discussed with a drink.

And when the nightfall, Fado shines like tiny stars through the houses.




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