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A walk through Mercado da Ribeira (Ribeira’s Market)

Near the river front and Cais do Sodré train station; raises one of the most genuine places in Lisbon, the historical Mercado da Ribeira. It was originally designed by Frederico Ressano Garcia and its inauguration was at 1882. This remarkable iron architecture building is considered one of the Lisbon ex-libris. With a covered area of 10.000m2 and a number of fantastic features, such as de tile panels in the main ball, the lantern of the dome in forged iron and the city coat of arms in stonework.

But more impressive is the environment lived here. The Ribeira’s Market is a place full of colors, smells and characteristics sounds which remember the medieval markets. Here you can find a huge and excellent variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and lots of flowers, even funeral flowers.
The Market also provides some events, including music concerts, gastronomy and fashion. If you are interested in handcraft, on Saturdays mornings the market celebrates arts and culture with artisans, second hand booksellers and antiquities.
Outside the market, you can taste a traditional “Ginjinha de Óbidos” a sweet and delicious flavor served in a chocolate cup.

After visiting the old market, explore Rua do Alecrim who leads you directly to  Chiado, the main living room of Lisbon.  Rua do Alecrim has some of the most impressive stores about antiquities, old books and Portuguese tiles. Almost at the end of the street, if you look to the left you can see Eça de Queiroz statue.  Once in Chiado, feel the multicultural environment with its charming cafés and fashion stores. 
If you prefer a quiet place to rest while enjoying some appetizer we recommend “Café no Chiado” at Largo do Picadeiro facing São Carlos Theatre and the moving trams. And don't forget to look to the bell tower of the Our Lady of the Martyrs church that stands out over the houses. This is a place where we can, in a certain way, imagine how Lisbon was in the past.

Feel free to enjoy Lisbon!

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